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I love music, playing guitar, cocktails and drinking red or white wine with big plates of home cooked pasta.

Nice combination.

I live in Italy and play with a local band. Luckily I earn enough from music not to have to work a dead-beat job as a waiter, dish washer or general dogsbody! No disrespect... it's just NOT for me!

This is my teaching website so hopefully you'll find information here to help you inbetween lessons with me. If you're looking for Spanish guitar lessons for beginners you can find it here.

My Approach To Chords (And A Good Merlot)

Learn the guitar chords that will be most useful to you first. So were talking about all the usual open chords but typically there are a few in there than most beginners shy away from or don't bother with.

Make sure you include

D minor, F major, and a B minor.

They are all very important for playing then thing we'll cover...

What Guitar Songs Should You Learn First?

Check out these guitar lessons on youtube

I have a list of about 50 songs which I recommend for beginners and my best advise is to stick to those, yes even if you don't really like them! They are chosen because they are the easiest ones I could think of for my students and will provide you with an easy introduction into playings songs and singing along with your guitar.

Strumming Patterns (And Champagne)

Obviously it's not all about chords, you need to know how to strum a guitar correctly too! Just learn the main 3 I'll give you inside the first 2 lessons with me! These are super powerful and will set you up for playing so many songs you won't believe it.

Tuning Guitar Is A Headache For Beginners

Yes! It's true. It's difficult to get it right when you first start because it's actually quite a delicate thing. You're ear probably hasn't become fully sensitive yet (but that will come in a year or two if you're lucky!)

So stick with an electronic tuner to guide you and remember... always tune up to notes! Not down. Just like setting a clock. You'll get more accurate results by winding up to the correct pitch.

Hear Me Play Guitar On YouTube (No Wine!)

Book Guitar Lessons

I have a few spots left in my teaching timetable if you want me to be your guitar teacher. All lessons are strictly 1-1 and take place in my home studio. Full parking available.

Teaching Hours:

Mon: 5pm - 10pm

Tuesday: 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 4pm - 8pm

Thursday: 5pm - 10pm

Friday: No classes

Weekends: No classes


Payment is monthly in advance. 25 EURO for each 30 minute lesson.

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